Embossed Aluminum Enclosure
Heavy gauge, non-ferrous (Aluminum) construction with stainless steel fasteners
Insulated Double Wall Construction
1” rigid insulation for high efficiency and quiet operation
R134a Refrigerant
Environmentally friendly
CSA Certified
CSA All units are pressure tested and certified to meet Canadian and US standards
Wired Remote Digital Thermostat Connection
Vtronix-Thermostat For accurate wine cellar temperature control c/w on/off switch
Power Cord Connection
Plugs into a standard (115 VAC) receptacle (15 amp dedicated circuit); does not require an electrician
115V Power Cord
Access Panel
Removable panels provide ease of access for any servicing requirements
High / Low Pressure Safety Control Access
For ease of resetting equipment without removing access panel
Rubber Isolators
Rubber-Isolators Non-Marking; minimize vibration and sound transfer


Available in 7 models with different airflow configurations.

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  • Proven Reliability:
    Built Since 1986
  • High Quality materials & construction for lasting performance.
  • Quiet, Yet Powerful Enough to cool a properly insulated space (R20) as large as
    2,000 ft³
  • Easily installed Refrigeration technician is not required.
Water Valve
water-valve Pressure activated water valve automatically regulates water flow (0-100%) for high efficiency and water conservation and eliminates the need for a balancing valve in a closed loop system
High Temperature Safety
Self resetting temperature switch disables unit if the compressor cavity exceeds normal operating temperature
Remote Digital Thermostat Connection
Power Cord Connection
Plugs into a standard (115 VAC) receptacle (15 amp dedicated circuit); does not require an electrician
Industrial tube thickness; dip-coated to resist pitting (7-step ElectroFin process)
High / Low Pressure Safety Control
High---Low-Pressure-Safety-Control Disables unit if operating pressure falls below or exceeds preset limits preventing compressor failure
Sight Glass
Sight-Glass-2 For accurate charging and troubleshooting
Hermetic Compressor
Extremely robust German engineered with internal/external vibration isolators
Refrigerant Access Fittings
Refrigerant-Access-Fittings High & low side ports for easy servicing
  • Unit can be installed in a space adjacent to the wine cellar or can be built into millwork.
  • No air venting required. No wall openings required if installed within treated space.
  • Designed for commercial & residential applications.
  • CSA Certified to Canadian & US standards.
Refrigerant Filter Dryer
Stainless Steel Expansion Valve
Stainless-Steel-Expansion-Valve Automatically regulates refrigerant according to the load for efficient operation and minimized dehumidification
Scroll Cage Blower
Maintenance free motor; German engineered & constructed; quiet
Water Connections
Ideal for use with closed loop condenser water, chilled water or geothermal systems with water temperatures as high as 95° F; can also be used with domestic cold water (while flow is internally regulated to ensure water conservation, it is best that the local authority having jurisdiction be consulted to see if there are any local restrictions to the use of domestic cold water)
Cupro-Nickel Coaxial Condenser
Cupro-Nickel-Coaxial-Condenser For efficient heat transfer and a high resistance to failure from a chlorinated water supply
Condensate Pump
Eliminates the need for a gravity drain; equipped with a safety switch that prevents equipment operation if pump fails
Available in 7 models with different airflow configurations.

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